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Hi Beauties!

My name is Cattleya from Manila Philippines and I love everything about make-up and skin care.

I figure that it might be fun to share few things about me so here are some facts to know me better….


  • I’m a both cat and dog person. I have the cutest tiny empress shih tzu named Hershey and I love her to the moon and back. She’s smart and sassy, all of my friends adore her smile. I have a lot of photos and videos of her that’s why I made her an instagram account (@hershey_madeline) where I share all of her pictures and videos for my friends and family to see. I also have 3 beautiful cats named Obama, Whitney and Andrea. Obama is a stubborn and always asleep persian cat, Whitney is the most lovable while Andrea (himalayan cat) has gorgeous blue eyes.


  • I love Rom-Com movies and I’m also a Marvel fan. Aside from movies, I’m very picky with the series I watch and prefer crime investigation, medical drama or comedy but I can finish a whole season in one day if I really like the story.


  • I love to travel and my current favorite place to de-stress is Taipei.

  • I love food and my favorites are pasta, rice and meats. I’m Lactose Intolerance meaning I can’t eat anything with dairy but my mother raised me to be strong so mac n cheese all the way


  • I’m a full time employee, I graduated from an aeronautical school with a business administration degree and finished my masters before I turned 25.


  • I always dreamed of becoming a chef since high school and never knew why I took this course. When I was in my third year in college I started to watch tutorials on make-up and decided to become a make-up artist after graduation but it never happened because I started working a month after graduation.


About spillmybeautysecrets.com

I started this blog to share my experiences with different brands that I’ve used and spill all of my beauty secrets from cheap alternatives, makeup tricks and Do-It-Yourself beauty care. I’m currently addicted to Korean skin care so mostly of my blog posts are about the newest Korean skin trend and product reviews.

Taking care of our skin takes a lot of effort, money, and time.ย I started investing on my skin when I notice that I canโ€™t blend my makeup well because of my large pores. Also, I’m having a problem with breakouts on my forehead and dry skinย on my cheeks and jaw line.

As we age our skin change, skin elasticity and strength decreases and becomes more fragile.

My goal is to share and encourage everyone to start a healthy skin care routine at an early age.

I’m a fan of tutorials and product reviews and appreciate a lot when a co-blogger liked and share my posts.

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