Story Time!!!!

Dear Beauties,

As part of Althea’s growing angel community, I’m sooooooo excited to share their newest collection. So before I start my review let me share a short story that happened from February to April.

April was one of my favorite month aside from December because it was my birth month and I always love to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends. I was supposed to travel to my favorite place on earth as a birthday treat for myself but I was not in my best self last month and I was hoping that I’ll be okay a day before my birthday. So my birthday vacation didn’t happened, I already cancelled 2 of my vacation (the first one was last february, I planned to visit again south korea but my friend and I cancelled everything from plane tickets to hotel bookings)

I suffered from emotional stress for months that made me decide to resign from my last job. I drown myself with mobile games and play station to help me forget my emotional problem (though I still religiously apply my skin care from morning to nightime)

I can’t eat, I can’t sleep properly, I feel ugly, a failure, I lose a lot of weight, my face feels dry even after applying tons of product and I have a lot of bruises from lack of sleep. I was having health issues like my back hurts again, I’m suffering from PCOS so my hormones are unstable (if you don’t know what PCOS is then let google show you the answer LOL) and uterine fibroids. I’m not doing great with my work anymoreΒ  and I feel like my performance was not like before. I’m heart broken from a one sided love, he just friendzone me and acted like the whole process of me falling for him never happened.

Little things piled up and I’m emotionally and mentally stressed from everything and I feel like I had enough. I know my problem was not as big or as crucial from what other people’s everyday problems but you know some of us have been here in this kind of situation and I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

I love my job and I have the most amazing boss ever. I consider her as my second mother because I learned a lot from her since day one. I decided to leave my last job because I don’t want to be unfair and let my emotional side affects my work and I’ve been keeping it for years (also not everyone around you at work likes you honestly) . I applied to another company and I was grateful that I got accepted immediately. I took a few days leave before my last day at work to let myself breathe and think. I just started on my new job and I’m trying to be positive on everything.

P.S. I still talk to him ( I know its wrong but I can’t just cut him off my life because he will always have a special place in my heart. I still love him hoping that someday when the time is right maybe?…. but for now I’m enjoying his company. I respect his decision)

P.P.S I love my current job, its exciting and challenging.

and I’m back to blogging!

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