Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel Mist Product Review

Dear Beauties

Its summer and I already find myself wishing for rainy season to come. To be honest I hate summer and I’m not a fan of sun bathing under the scorching heat. Though I love afternoon walk by the sea as I watch the sun touches the water (my favorite time of the day).

Summer makes my skin greasy with enlarged pores that applying make-up is a daily struggle. I have to invest and apply different brands on my morning and evening routine to calm my irritated skin from summer heat.

I invest a lot this summer on water based skin care to deeply nourish my skin and I’m currently obsessed with facial mist as it quickly refreshes and moisturized my skin in one spritz.

For today’s review, I will share my current favorite face mist from Nature Republic.


Story Time!!!!!

My friend and I went hiking with his family at Mt. Pinatubo last February and boy It was hot and dusty. I applied multiple layers of sunscreen, face lotion and mist to protect my skin. I was hiding myself my under the tree just to let my skin breathe from direct sunlight. I used this product every day and especially while on hiking to calm and hydrate my skin every hour.

Out of all the other mist, Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel mist is famous for its price and ingredients. Since its 92% Aloe Vera, its consistency was close to gel like that is denser than the usual facial mist. The scent is calming that makes me don’t want to stop spraying the product all over my face.  What I love about this mist is it gives enough moisture while protecting my face from harmful environment.

Unlike moisturizer, this product doesn’t give deep moisture that our skin needs. This product only freshen and provides enough hydration for a short period of time. That’s is why I enjoy to use this four to five times a day.

I use this product as a pre make up mist, after skin care routine or whenever I feel like my skin needs hydration.

Where to buy this product?

You can buy this at any Nature republic store here in the Philippines, nature republic online store and at


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