Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer: Product Review (Continuation)

Hi Beauties!

last August 2018 I posted a product review about the the newly launched detoxer in collaboration with Get it Beauty (Kores’a number one beauty show that features information about beauty trends, products, routine, professionals etc.) I had a 50/50 reaction of the product and decided to give it another chance by using it every other day as part of my morning and night beauty routine.

Scent and Texture

I love the scent of this facemask and like what I state months before I upload this continuation post. The green tea smells like my favorite green tea perfume while the rose version smells like dried old rose. On my last review I state that the rose edition has that musky rose scent but as I frequently been using the product, the scent gradually change in my opinion.
As for the texture I’m still awed with the rose edition because you can see that the product contains a lot of rose extract and dried rose. The rose edition is great visually while the green tea version looked like crushed broccoli.


I’ve been using this product for a week now.  I’m currently loving the green tea version though, visually I would prefer the rose edition because of its pink/peach translucent color and dried rose and the green tea version looks like crushed broccoli (HAHA!). I stop using the rose detoxer after day 3 because I didn’t like the effect of the product on my skin. I have a combination of dry and oily skin so my face is a bit greasy after using the rose detoxer in the morning. This is a 10 seconds, 2 in 1 product that acts as a cleanser and mask as well. As for my experience, it’s really a time consuming washing off the product and whenever I use a cleanser I always look for that clean fresh feeling in the morning but instead the rose edition gave that moisturized greasy feeling.

I’ve been using this product every other day since August 2018 and notice that my skin is brighter and smoother after using the green tea edition. The rose edition still has that greasy feeling but the breakout stops after using it for a week so maybe the last breakout happened because of my period and with the help of the other products that I’m currently using.

I’m on my second bottle of the green tea so if you want to read the first post and know more about the product then click here

Where to buy?

I got both rose and green tea detoxer for half the price! You can order online at

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