Nature Republic: Tomato Sheet Mask Product Review

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Tomato is one of my first Do-it-Yourself skin care, since highschool days I’ve been scrubbing my face with raw tomato after I heard from our neighbor that she uses a tomato as mask to lighten her dull skin. I was not familiar with skin care or cosmetics before but I always envy her pinkish glowy skin. I did that for a year, (almost? I’m not sure… because we moved and I kinda forgot to continue doing it.) once a week or whenever my mother bought too much tomatoes for her to notice that I took one or two to kill my curiosity. Maybe that’s one of the reason why acne didn’t knock on my face even after puberty.

I love to eat, drink, or scrub my face with tomatoes. Tomato is rich with lycopene that helps fight free radical in our bodies. Tomato is great for our skin because it has Vitamin C that brightens dull skin, Vitamin A that can nourish, slows aging, improves healthy skin cell production and tomato can reduce and eliminate acne.

Aside from using raw tomatoes, I also love to invest on skin care that has tomato extract. One of the products I love to use and if you’ve been reading my blog post from day one, you’ll know that I’m a face masks hoarder. I’ve been using this mask for a year and I think it’s time to share my favorite sheet mask on my blog.

tomato sheet

Product review

This mask is from Nature Republic, a brand from South Korea that can brighten, moisturized and whiten your skin.

Key Ingredient:

Niacinamide – or Vitamin B3 is great for reducing the appearance of large pores, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and dull skin. This is one of my favorite skin care ingredient because niacinamide boost the immunity of the skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate – a lot of skin care has this ingredient because its great for anti-aging and it naturally lift your face. It makes your skin supple and well hydrated that prevents wrinkles.

Tomato Extract – filled with lots of antioxidants and vitamins like C, A and E that nourish and protect our skin with common skin problems.


the sheet mask is packed in an easy to open plastic pouch with large font of the brand written in lower right part. The picture of the red juicy tomato drizzled with clear serum was printed as a background photo to easily recognize that product contains tomato extract haha!

Inside the pouch, you’ll see a Sheet mask big enough to cover the whole face with holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. The sheet mask is soaked in clear serum and the extra serum is enough to cover the whole face and neck.

Scent and Texture:

the sheet mask has a mild fragrant of fruits that is far from tomato scent. The essence is watery but not sticky to the skin though it would take time for the skin to absorb the essence. The sheet mask is thin and can easily be ripped so you need to be careful when peeling the mask off and applying it to your face.

Reaction / Conclusion:

I love applying this mask at night after applying my Phyto Niacin serum for a better result. But before I typed this review, I used this product without using other serum for a week to fairly judge if this product works. The serum of the product is thin and watery though it would take time before the serum can actually penetrate the skin so I use this product at night because my skin absorbs the serum faster (I don’t have an explanation on why my skin acts that way)

Even without an extra help from other skin care, the tomato sheet mask moisturized and instantly brighten my skin. I just don’t know if it did whitens my skin because I always use this product with my Niacin serum so I don’t know if the even complexion was from the mask or because of the serum and I also use a lot of product in between. Though a friend of mine told me that her skin got lighter after using it daily for a month.

My skin is a combination of oily and dry, this product didn’t gave me any breakouts but I would not recommend this product to people with really sensitive skin. Try applying the serum first on your neck, if it reacts then don’t use the product at all.

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