W.Lab Jewelry Base Sapphire Product Review

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Lately I’ve been stressing over on what primer to use on a daily basis, I’m not really a fan of primers and I rarely use one. Usually, Make up primers contain silicone to give skin an even finish but if you’re one of the people who suffers from acne and other skin problem, I would advise that you avoid primers that can clogged your pores.

I don’t actually plan on buying a primer on my last order because I always use my serum as my primer to have that flawless application but after I saw the queen of Korean beauty guru on YouTube used this primer on her Coachella make up vlog, I instantly look where to buy one for myself to kill my curiosity if this product actually works.


Product description:


According to the site where I bought the product (yup! you guessed that right! ahahaha I bought mine at my favorite Korean online store – Althea.kr) this primer can beat cakey, flakey make up with a moisturizing base.

So no more cakey and flakey make up with its luxurious jewel capsule, this product offers two variety of jewelry make up base the 01 Sapphire and the 02 Gold caviar. I would love to buy both the sapphire and gold caviar to try and test them for myself but the only available at the site is the 01 Sapphire.

This is a 3 in 1 make up base that gives radiant glow, extreme moisture and also acts as a primer.


Vitamin E – It is best for dry and damaged skin because it can restore lost moisture especially if you love to wear layers of layers of make up

Sunflower Oil – Is rich in Vitamin E (antioxidant) and one of the best natural oil for our skin. Sun flower oil can help reduce inflammation and can moisturized skin especially if you love to expose your skin under the sun.

Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract – or Chia seed can do wonders on your skin. They’re rich in Omega-3 fatty acid and antioxidants. like sunflower oil, chia is great in restoring moisture. It is also an anti-inflammatory and has that calming effect on skin.

Centella Asiatica Extract – or Gotu Kola is perfect for aging skin. It can improve collagen production and can improve the condition of an aging skin.

Houttuynia Cordata Extract – is a common ingredients that can be found on most korean medicine based cosmetic care. It has an anti-aging compound which helps strenghtens, purify and revitalize skin. its can help prevent skin infection and acts as an antibiotic.

for a more detailed information of its ingredients, please go to this site.


I was so surprise when I got this product, I did not imagine that it would be this pretty. The product is place inside a pipette glass type bottle,Β it looks luxurious with its silver and aluminum like cap. The glass bottle is packed inside a white with sky blue accent box with large metallic embossed W. Lab logo in front. The name of the brand is place at the bottom of the box and at the back you can read the ingredients in Korean.

Scent and Texture:

The product doesn’t have any scent. It is similar to any regular serum with a watery gel like consistency. The blueish jewel glowing capsule comes in different sizes, the jewel pigment is wrapped in glow oil formula in water essence that is gentle to the skin, easy to spread and has that fresh feeling after use.

How to use:

Like how you use your serum, evenly apply an appropriate amount you desire onto your face before applying your foundation. What I like to do is to mix the product with my favorite sheer or matte foundation for that natural glowing skin.


I always have that dry spot on my side nose whenever I glammed up, excess sebum on my nose, large pores on my t-zone area, parched and dry skin on my chin area, etc. I have all these irritating problem that I have to face whenever I do my make up that is why I’ve been wearing less and less make up every day.

I used this product under a sheer foundation and was so shocked that after 10 hours of strolling in and out of the malls, restaurant, parks and parking lots, my make-up is still fierce as it was 10 hours ago. No patchy, dry and cakey make up on my T-zone area.

with Matte full coverage foundation

I also use this product under a matte full coverage foundation, all glammed up with thick eyebrows, Smokey eyes, highlight that can blind people and contour to reshape my whole face. I was amazed because I don’t have to reapply after an hour or two. It really has a huge impact on my make-up routine because it prevents my make up from looking cakey after baking it for 350 degrees (haha!)

After applying this product you’ll notice the small powder like shimmer all over your face and neck. I love how it blends well with any foundation and it can give you that radiant and youthful glow. it is also great with BB cushions, you’ll have that long lasting glass skin glow.

Where to buy?

you can order this product online atΒ Althea.krΒ for only P820, they shipped worldwide so you can order anytime, anywhere from any part of the world.


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