Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Review

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I’m currently in love with for a year now, they’re like the fuel to my addiction to korean beauty products. Althea has hit its 3rd year and launched their biggest celebration with lots of freebies, discount codes and their much awaited “FLY me to KOREA” contest.

Althea in collaboration with Get it Beauty (Kores’a number one beauty show that features information about beauty trends, products, routine, professionals etc.) created Althea’s Real Fresh Skin Detoxers in Rose and Green Tea that just landed at their site earlier this month and as a kbeauty addict, I ordered the bundle for myself (LOL another happiness to look forward to)


After days of waiting, finally my package arrived and I’m so excited to share my reaction and review about Althea’s newest product.


The product was placed in a plastic tube with white snap top cap. The tube is transparent so you can easily see the light pink/peach translucent gel inside that contains dried rose petal pieces (mine has that long brown string like root/petal or stem? I don’t know what it was but I was so amazed seeing the dried rose petals) and green translucent gel that contains green tea powder. You’ll also see the Get it Beauty logo at the bottom near the snap top cap and the Althea’s logo at the top. The tube itself has that luxurious vibe, you can just place it beside your perfume collection or at your vanity table as display.

The tube each placed inside a cardboard box that has minimal design. You can easily determine the difference between green tea and rose without reading the label because of the box color. Rose has that white and blush pink color while the green tea has that faded green and white color. I like that the font is large enough for me to read the product description and it was so easy to open though I got mine with a little dent because of how they packed the delivered item.

Consistency and Scent:

The product is a translucent gel that is a bit runny and sticky.

According to Althea’s Blog:

The Rose edition contains natural extracts from handpicked roses originating from Grasse, Southern France. These roses only bloom once a year in May, The Green Tea version hails from good ol’ Jeju island, using the extracts from young green tea leaves.

The green tea has that mild fresh perfume scent that is a bit similar to Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Eau de Parfum while the rose edition has that strong scent of musky dried rose. I tried applying the product side by side onto my face and the scent of rose overpowered the scent of the greentea.

Key Ingredients:

Please visit this site for a full explanation of its ingredients.

I did a little research to help you decide which is better for your skin. 

Rose (to refine)
Real rose petals – Roses have therapeutic benefits that relax the body, reduce stress and promotes glowing skin. Rose can gently exfoliates the skin and gives a light, pleasant fragrance. Rose petals contains natural oils that gives moisture to dry skin.
Rose extract – can helps cleanse skin and prevent blemishes. Rose extract is ideal for all skin type and has an anti-inflammatory property that minimize redness and soothes skin irritations because of its calming and healing abilities.
Glycerin – A humectant that attracts moisture to the skin, preventing dehydration

Green Tea (to purify)
Real green tea leaves– Green tea can help delay skin problems such as age spots, lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. The caffeine content in green tea can reduce the appearance of dark circles and under eyes puffiness. Green tea can gently exfoliates the skin and gives a light, pleasant fragrance
Green tea extract –  is an anti-aging ingredient that contains a lot of antioxidant that is great for skin care. Green tea extract can also improve sun damaged skin.
Glycerin – A humectant that attracts moisture to the skin, preventing dehydration

How to Use:

Apply a thick layer of the translucent gel and leave on for 10 seconds. Add on a little bit of warm water and massage gently in circular motions before rinsing off with water. I recommend you do this before you shower for an easy peasy experience since the product is a bit sticky.

I include the rose detoxer in my morning routine but stop using it after day 3 and use the green tea version before toning at night.

Conclusion / Personal Experience:

I’ve been using this product for a week now.  I’m currently loving the green tea version though, visually I would prefer the rose edition because of its pink/peach translucent color and dried rose and the green tea version looks like crushed broccoli (HAHA!). I stop using the rose detoxer after day 3 because I didn’t like the effect of the product on my skin. I have a combination of dry and oily skin so my face is a bit greasy after using the rose detoxer in the morning. This is a 10 seconds, 2 in 1 product that acts as a cleanser and mask as well. As for my experience, it’s really a time consuming washing off the product and whenever I use a cleanser I always look for that clean fresh feeling in the morning but instead the rose edition gave that moisturized greasy feeling.

I’m loving the green tea version and really happy with this product because my face feels smooth, bouncy and light after washing the product off. I also love the scent which is not too strong and has that perfume like vibe. I use this product with my green tea serum and milk moisturizer

As girl who rarely find time to spend an hour or two on my skin care routine before hitting the bed and constantly panicking all through my morning routine, this product is making my life easier.

I had a few breakouts on my forehead but maybe it’s because of my period so I’m not sure if it’s from the product. I’ll give the rose detoxer another chance and update my post if my breakouts will continue to multiply or stop after using this product for another week.

Where to buy?

I ordered the product on the day I received the notice on my email, I got both rose and green tea detoxer for half the price! You can order online at

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