7 Types of Face Mask

My all-time favorite skin care and favorite thing to haul is face mask. I started using face mask 3 years ago when I was in Macau and since then I started to appreciate more the benefit of using it regularly.

Face mask is like the icing on the cake, the colorful sprinkles on the top of every cupcake, the glaze on my doughnut and the chocolate drizzle with cherry on top. In short, it makes everything much better. I’m addicted to face masks (obsess might be the right term) and if you read my past posts you’ll see that all I talk about is face mask.

There are different types of face mask used to address different types of skin concerns.

  1. Clay Mask

Clay mask is the most effective way to give your skin a boost without spending too much. It is ideal to normal and oily skin, great for people with acne and stubborn pimples.

It is best to use on greasy days especially on summer to have that clean feeling. I usually use clay mask on my T-zone area where it tends to be oilier than the rest of my face. What I like about clay mask is it tightens my pores and draws out excess oils and sebum. Its formula may vary from volcanic ash to charcoal and has that thick texture with light to dark ashy grey color. Nowadays a lot brands offers clay mask in different colors (blue, yellow, pink and purple) like Innisfree.

I won’t recommend that you use this product every day because it can dry your skin right away, best if you could use this product at least once a week.

  1. Mud Mask

You may think that mud mask is similar to clay mask but their skin benefits are the exact opposite. Clay and mud mask are both from the ground, the difference is that clay mask is use to target oily and acne prone skin while mud mask is a water based mask so its purpose is to hydrate.  Mud mask is perfect for dry and dull skin.

What I like about mud mask is it cleanse the skin from dirt and impurities, moisturize, hydrate, refresh, repair skin tissue, improve skin elasticity and makes your skin brighter. You can also D-I-Y your own mud mask using honey, rose water or green tea extract.

  1. Sheet Mask

The Current favorite of the millennials, my personal favorite. I’ve been stashing sheet masks for 2 years and in my opinion, this is the easiest product to use. There are different kinds of sheet mask that matches your mood and skin problem. I love to use a tomato sheet mask every after peeling, a rice wine (makgeolli) mask on my lazy day, a snail mask whenever I’m on my period, rose mask on special occasion, green tea mask while watching reruns of my favorite series, gold mask whenever I feel a bit luxurious, etc.

Sheet mask is a fabric sheet soaked in solutions, it is great when paired with serum underneath. I usually use my favorite serum under my mask so the nutrients can deeply penetrate my skin. They’re best for hydrating, brightening and addressing simple skin problems. Though, sheet mask can’t exfoliate or cleanse your skin. You have to use a different product for that.

Do I need to wash my face after using a sheet mask?
– My answer is NO, you’re supposed to let the solution/serum sit on your face before applying makeup. I use sheet mask twice a week and I let it stay on my face for 10-15 minutes after that I sealed it with moisturizer and let it sit on my face overnight.

I did a 7 days sheet mask challenge, you can click the link to know what happened.

  1. Cream Mask

A lot of people are not familiar with cream mask and mostly mistook it as a moisturizer because of its creamy texture. With rapidly growing consumer of sheet mask and clay mask, people tend to ignore cream mask while doing their monthly beauty haul. I too, am guilty of this misconception.

Cream mask is rich in oils and moisturizer that is gentle to skin and helps replenish dead skin cells. I’ve been researching a lot on face mask and found out that most cream mask contains hyaluronic acid that helps hydrate skin cells and restore natural radiance.  Cream mask is an oil based hydration mask that is that not suitable to warm countries and to people with oily skin, mainly because these oils can clogged your pores (like cocoa butter, olive, jojoba, etc.)

Cream masks are great if you lived/travelled to cold countries where skin gets dry easily because it can give you that moist and bouncy looking skin.

  1. Gel Mask

Gel mask is the most convenient product to use on hot and humid days. Most gel masks are oil free that has a natural cooling effect for sensitive skin. Gel mask is mainly consist of water that helps hydrates our skin (remember that we need a lot of water for us to achieve that healthy glow). 

Gel masks are great when you apply it after workouts or long run because it helps soothes your tired skin from too much sun exposure. I love to apply this product while driving to work because it doesn’t slip so I can wear it while I’m stuck at traffic. Since gel mask is not that sticky, it is easy to massage it into your skin from your face to your neck.

This mask can also be used when you love to travel to cold countries, it can add another layer of protection from wind burn by applying it to any part of your body that is exposed to the cold wind.

My favorite gel masks are Laneige water sleeping mask and Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel. 

  1. Peel-off Mask

Peel off mask is the most satisfying face mask to use. After it dries, you can gently remove the outer most layer of skin. It gives you a smoother skin with less dead skin cells and it also helps reduce dullness. Peel off mask tighten your skin and stimulate blood flow to give you that radiant and youthful glow.

Peel off mask mostly consist vitamins that came from plants and fruits that are full of antioxidant. If you still remember your lessons when you were in high school, skin is our largest organ and it is important that we take good care of it. Antioxidants in skin care can do a lot for the appearance and to achieve that healthy looking skin.

What I love about peel mask is it reduces the appearance of blemishes and blackheads by simply peeling off the mask upward from chin to my forehead.

  1. Exfoliating Mask

Exfoliating mask is the easiest mask to D-I-Y. You can use natural ingredients to naturally exfoliate your skin from impurities and dead skin cells. Exfoliating mask can give you that smoother, radiant and youthful looking skin.

Exfoliating mask is one of my favorite skin care to D-I-Y because I can use different ingredients to naturally improve the appearance of my skin. Like milk, oatmeal, brown sugar, honey, strawberries, lemon, green tea, coffee, yogurt, etc.

if you’re too lazy to make your own exfoliating mask, you can always buy at your favorite beauty store but make sure to do a lot of research before you purchase because a lot of exfoliating mask in the market contains chemical. My current favorite exfoliating mask is Skin Food Black Sugar Mask.

The content of this post are mostly from my experiences and research. I’m not a dermatologist and I don’t have any medical background. 🙂

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment below if you have questions and suggestions.




3 thoughts on “7 Types of Face Mask

  1. My favorite are sheet masks and gel masks, when I have a little more time in my routine I’ll use them in place of my Essence step. Since it’s just Essence in mask form. My favorite type of mask are the ones that cater to Brightening and Anti-aging ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi alattestyle!
      thank you for the comment, I too love an anti-aging mask I use a lot of collagen based mask and toners lately.


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