Nature Republic Snail Solution Ampoule Review

Hello Beauties!

It’s been a while!!! Lol

This post was in my draft folder for a year, I was supposed to upload this last year so please bear with me.

My focus last year was to finish my master degree while working. If I had to rate my stress level I’d say that I’m pretty close to being bald lol. That time, my stress level is pretty high so I had bad breakouts on my forehead and on my chin. I’ve been trying a lot of organic do-it-yourself cleanser to let my skin breathe a little.

—–so lets go back to April 2017—–

I’ve been trying a lot of products lately and as a result my skin got so overwhelmed, I took a short vacation to let myself loose for a while, a short soul searching that I’ve been wanting to do since my semester started. I decided to visit South Korea after booking my flight to Japan since Fukuoka is not that far from Busan and Seoul is just one train away.

I went to South Korea to relive my Korean drama addiction and of course to hoard a lot of babies!! LOL I sounded so wrong and I admit it was a bit too much to consider beauty products as my babies’ haha!

I’m addicted to Asian beauty products and I think some of you guys are familiar with the snail trend, a lot of beauty trends nowadays revolves around snails. Snail is popular in South Korea, it’s an effective remedy to various skin problems like acne, pimple scar, dry skin, stretch marks, age spots, burn scar, etc. that is because snail slime is packed with a lot of nutrients, antioxidants, proteins and anti-imflammatory.

Snail slime helps in stimulating the formation of collagen, elastin and other dermal components that helps in minimizing damage on our skin.


Today’s review is about Nature Republic Snail Solution Ampoule. I found this baby when I bought hair mist for my newly colored hair while I’m in my beauty shopping heaven in Myeong-dong (명동).


The sales lady insisted that I try the product after I told her to recommend a perfect snail serum for my sister, though she said that this product is best for people with acne and pimple scar. I decided to still try the product and share it with my sister who is suffering from acne scars, I also have one to two pimple scars that I want to test the product with. I bought the snail serum and moisturizer cream set for a reasonable price (because it’s spring sale) and they gave me a lot of freebies too like face masks and cotton pads.

I tried snail masks before and loved the effect it gave my skin though I won’t deny that I hesitated a little at first because I’m not a fan of snails and slimy essence.

The packaging looks superb! I love the glittered green bottle. It’s a bit heavier than the usual even though it only contains 30ml and it’s so easy to use.

This product hydrates my skin so well. It’s a bit sticky but it has this faint perfume scent.  It really lessen my pimple scars after months of applying the products

I forgot the exact amount in Korean won but I found one here in the Philippines and you can buy this at any Nature republic branch for  P1,795.00

Let me know if you want to know more about this product so I can post another topic as a continuation.

Thank you for reading ♥



2 thoughts on “Nature Republic Snail Solution Ampoule Review

  1. Hi,

    I was using the Essense version of the same product and it was wonderful for my skin as it made it even-toned and reduced my acne. So I asked my husband to buy the same product when he went to S. Korea, but they gave him the Ampoule version, which you reviewed above. My impression is that it’s not as effective. I don’t know why. Also, do you think these products are enough to hydrate the skin and protect from aging. Or should I use them with other products. My skin is combination and I suffer from early signs of aging along with pores. Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Senel,

      Thank you for your comment! Snail is great if you have problems with acne, acne/pimple scar, age spot, etc. since snail is packed with nutrients that stimulate collagen production that can reduce acne scar. Though snail can boost skin moisture, I would suggest that you invest in products with Niacinamide and green tea extract since green tea is great for anti-aging (can improve skin elasticity) and Niacinamide can help improve the appearance of large pores and fine lines. Not all products work well onto skin because climate, type of skin, allergic reaction can affect its performance. Know what products works well on your daily environment, proper sleep, use sunblock and drink a lot of water. Your result may be different from what I experience (depends on how often you use the product and the product combination you use on your daily routine)



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