Sexylook Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing Bubble Clay Mask Review

Hi Beauties,

Today’s review is about another treasure I found in Taipei’s beauty store. I’m so obsessed with this product and did a little research before using it.

You know guys that I’m a face mask whore, I collect and use different kinds of sheet mask and the reason why my treasure drawer is full of them. I’ve been hearing a lot about this bubble mask and been looking where to buy one.


I saw a lot of reviews about Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay mask and been wanting to have one for myself, so when I went to Taiwan I told myself to look for this product but instead I found Sexylook Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing Bubble Clay Mask that is bit cheaper than Elizavecca Milky Piggy Mask. (I realize that this bubble mask is made in Korea so of course I will not find one here in Taipei lol)

I love Sexylook Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing Bubble Clay Mask packaging! Just look at this baby! It’s simple and affordable. I also love that it has a mini spatula on the top of its lid and the lid really sealed the product well.


Its main ingredients are: Allantoin, licorice dipotassium, charcoal powder, Vitamin B5 (pathenol), Pentavitin (humectant), obsidian Extraction


I love the fresh clean scent of the mask though for me, it’s a bit too strong. The clay is kind of like a sticky rice cake and I was having a hard time spreading the product on to my face. It has that greyish tone and it did really form bubbles after a few minutes.

I look like a snowy beast from one of the Pixar Movie, Monster Inc.

At first I was uncomfortable of the tingling feeling while the mask is starting to bubbles and every second feels like it is eating my face slowly LOL. I massage my face after 10 minutes and washed it with lukewarm water.

I like how it brighten up my face after my first use and my face feels clean and moisturized.

This product is perfect for all skin type. It is made in Taiwan; this clay mask is gentle on the skin and it doesn’t irritate at all.  It’s a deep cleansing mask that purifies pores, moisturized, control excess oil and exfoliate skin from dead skin cells.

I would recommend that you use this product twice a week as part of your nightly beauty routine, it is best to use before you apply toner. So, it’s like make up remover – micellar water – Bubble clay mask – toner – emulsion – serum – moisturizer.

Will I buy this again? of course I will! it works well on my skin and it’s affordable.

Thanks for reading!





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