Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Review

Hi Beauties!

Another Korean product that I’ve been obsessing for days is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. I heard of this mask when I was looking for a water based moisturizer and saw a lot of positive review so I gave it a try. I have a friend who is also a skin care hoarder lend me her tube and after trying it for the first time I immediately ordered one online and Bam! Another happy skin Happy life moment LOL! (Let me know in the comment below where to find a Laneige store here in the Philippines. Please! Please!)


I’m honestly not a fan of their packaging and not really that familiar with their products. I first heard of Laneige after watching Descendant of the Sun and saw Song Hye-Kyo used their product. I’ve been to one of their store in Macau and they have that amazing ambiance that really shout korean beauty from afar.


First let me comment on the scent! I love the faint relaxing scent though I would appreciate if they lessen it a bit more when they reformulate their mask. (if you’ve been having a shitty day and a lot of hardcore stuff happen and it requires you to shout till your lungs fall off then I would recommend that you take a sniff of the mask first before applying to really calm your senses.)

The consistency of the product is closely like vapor rub but in a creamy gel form. I used this after applying my toner and emulsion. It works well with my before-I-go-to-sleep routine.

I love the result the day after using the product as it gives me that hydrated, plumped, and smooth skin. It feels so soft and I like that it doesn’t leave any sticky residue. I look like I gave myself a full 8hours of sleep and my skin looks lovely.

This hydrating mask works well if you have a normal to dry skin. I love that its travel friendly because of its lightweight packaging, easy to apply but i would love it more if it has a mini scooper inside the cap to make it a bit more hygienic

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