Skin Food Royal Honey Toner & Emulsion Review

Interest in Korean cosmetic as well as their skin care product is growing here in the Philippines. I fell in love with their beauty product and I’ve been hauling ever since it gave me the result that I want thus it became part of my daily beauty regimen (my day is not complete without them!)


I’ve been using this product for 4months already and it did work. its description says that this product contains Royal black honey and royal jelly extract that moisturizes and hydrates. Its transformed your skin into luxurious honey glazed complexion. Now that sounds delicious! Lol


Royal black honey is a natural raw black honey from South Asian forest (a UNESCO world heritage site). This key ingredient is enriched with nutrients that are good for the skin.


Let’s start with the Royal Honey Toner. This toner has thick consistency which is different from any other toners that are clear and watery. It’s a bit sticky, like I’m applying syrup or gel on my face. It has that sweet scent that I love and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all.


Royal Honey Emulsion is kind of like a body lotion, it is a non-sticky face lotion that’s light and has a watery consistency. Same as the Royal Honey Toner, it also has that sweet honey scent.  It works well because it boosts hydration though this product is best if you have dry skin. i would not recommend this if you have oily skin because of the hot and humid weather here in the Philippines, it may be a bit heavy and sticky under your layers of make ups. You can still use this as part of your ritual at night if you want to because it wont irritate your face at all. (to be sure, apply a small amount of product on your skin before purchasing the product to check if it wont irritate or give you allergies)

This product is great because it doesn’t give me that annoying rashes and break outs. Also, I like that its main ingredient is honey and I just love the packaging of this product! so thumbs up to Skin Food for being creative though sometimes this product gave me a mini series of heart attacks whenever it almost slips through my hand because the bottle itself is made of glass.

thanks for reading




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