Etude House Collagen Face Mask

Hi Beauties,

I’m so excited to do another review of my face mask obsession!  I’ll be using a collagen face firming mask from Etude House and will use it for seven days to see if it works. Just look at that cute packaging.


I’m in love with korean skin care products ever since I started to pay more attention to my skin. Remember that hindi na tayo bumabata and no one wants to look older than their actual age. Aging is a beautiful thing kasi it shows how you enjoy and lived your life, but having lines in your mid 20s also shows how you take care of yourself.

Collagen can be found everywhere in our body; it sustains our body structure and provides firmness and elasticity. Our skin start to look and feel different every year as we celebrate our special day, collagen production in our body decreases every year kaya tayo nagkakaroon ng lines, nalelessen ang firmness and yung smoothness ng skin. Skin aging shows in early 20s kaya it is important to take care of our skin as early as now! Our skin get damaged due to sun exposure and other habits na hindi maganda sa skin kaya a little sunscreen won’t hurt to protect our skin from harmful UVA that cause burns and aging my darlings.

I’m so excited to do another 7 days’ challenge using Etude House collagen face mask. I skipped my nightly beauty regimen except for face wash, so before applying the mask I make sure that my face is clean and dry.


Upon opening I notice that it has a milky like serum unlike the usual transparent serum every face mask has. It has a mild citrus and … fragrance in it (I can’t determine the other scents but it doesn’t smell that odd so don’t worry)

It doesn’t fit well on my nose and eye area so i must adjust it upon applying and it’s a bit annoying though I love the faint cooling sensation.


I tried it for seven days… it didn’t reach the expectation I was hoping for but I must say that it did kind of work. It didn’t irritate my skin so that’s a plus, it kind of lifted my face and it gave me that youthful glow. The moisturizing and hydrating effect on my face is great especially after trying to refrigerate the mask for 5 to 10 mins before applying. It’s cheap (around P80 – P100 I think) and you must use this mask often so you can see better results.

thank you for reading




2 thoughts on “Etude House Collagen Face Mask

  1. Hello! Thanks for the follow. Awesome blog, btw! I’m a bit of a face mask user as well. I love InnisFree brand face masks from korea, and I’ve recently started using this golden horse oil mask from Japan.


    1. Hi witHerweather! thanks for the comment, I think Innisfree is having a 50% off sale! you should totally check their site now. I love Innisfree brand too. especially their browcara you should try them.

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