Marks & Spencer Detox Infusion Tea

Hi Beauties,

I’m so excited to share this product, grabe I’m so obsessed! It’s not like any other detox tea and the packaging is so cute! Plus It’s cheap (P170).

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Here is the Detox Infusion Tea from Marks & Spencer, it’s naturally caffeine free and has a nettle, dandelion and milk thistle in it.

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Everybody is into detoxing so what is Detox means? At ano -ano ang mga benefits nito sa ating katawan?

  • Detoxing means cleaning our blood.
  • It aids digestion like most herbal tea, this tea assist in proper digestion
  • It removes waste and impurities from our body
  • It reduces bloating and constipation
  • It eliminates toxins sa mga internal organs natin at pati sa skin.
  • maganda din gamiting yung used teabags as eyepad para malessen yung eyebags

Yung box has 20 teabags na good for 20 days kung aaraw arawin, and you can reuse the bag twice! Diba mas tipid? at the back of the box it says that it has no artificial flavor or colors, just natural herbs and fruits.

Ingredients: nettle, dandelion, Pepermint, Burdock Root, Spearmint, Aniseed, Milk Thistle, ans Liquorice Root.

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So how to make a perfect cup of tea? Use only freshly boiled water as reboiled water has lost its oxygen and add the tea straight away. Brew it for 3 to 5 mins and enjoy your cup of tea..

I start detoxing few days ago because I always have menstrual cramps so drinking hot tea soothe my monthly suffering (LoL) tapos feeling ko always pa akong bloated so instead of drinking coffee in the morning I switch to detox tea.

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I love the taste of this tea also its smells nice, hindi siya ganon ka overwhelming like most green teas, it has a hint of mint in it and perfect siya for people na hindi mahilig sa tea. I can drink this tea everyday dahil kahit detox tea siya it doesn’t give me that unpleasant feeling after.

Natry nyo na ba itong product? If yes, anong masasabi nyo? Share nyo naman

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