7 days Face Mask Challenge

Hi Beauties,

I’m thinking of doing a 7 days face mask challenge and for that challenge I’ll be using Tonymoly masks.


sa panahon ng tadtad and stress, pollution at problema sa buhay ay wag padin natin kakalimutan alagaan ang ating balat. Remember to treat our skin paminsan minsan, a little luxury wont hurt lalo na kung para sa ating sarili.

Face mask is one of my favorite skin care product, it’s easy to apply, nakakarelax gamitin at effective. They are the perfect skin care treatment especially when dealing with skin problems.

Day 1

i had a long day… from 7 in the morning naglalakad na ako sa busy street ng Macau to buy pasalubong for my family and friends. Ang flight ko pabalik ng manila ay 4:45PM but due to unknown reason ay nadelay ang flight ko to 6:00 PM. I was so stressed because muntik pa kami maligaw ng kapatid ko papuntang airport dahil mas pinili naming mag bus kesa sumakay ng taxi.

paguwi ko ng bahay I just did my usual before to sleep ritual and decided to skip moisturizing my face. so I grab my Tonymoly Pureness 100 Shea Butter Mask Sheet to moisturized my stressed dull face. my first impression was it smells great.. that’s all. so hinayaan ko lang siyang nakalapat sa face ko for 20 minutes after that I massage my face.

the next morning ay hinawakan ko agad ang face ko and napansin ko na ang soft nito at and I didn’t saw any mark of dryness and oiliness. it’s like nagmoisturizer ako a night before.

Product description : 100% soft cotton face sheet to provide moisture and nutrition to damaged skin, sooth stressed skin, and give a rich glow to skin.

Rating :  5/5

Day 2

I extended my leave so I can celebrate my father’s birthday, so to cut the story short, it was another long day for us but we all had fun.

I decided to use Tonymoly “I’m Real” Makgeolli (Rice Wine) Mask Sheet before ako matulog. First Impression, it’s smells fresh but I’m having a hard time to apply the mask dahil medyo manipis siya.
i have a combination of dry and oily skin so this mask is perfect dahil this is a skin purifying mask. this mask moisturizes and hydrates my face without leaving any greasy residue and it did leave my face soft and glowing. wala naman akong naging break outs and it didn’t irritates my sensitive skin.

Product description : Nourish your skin with the I’m real Makgeolli Mask Sheet! This 3-layer pulp sheet is filled with a latex-based essence that is infused with natural oils to provide maximum elasticity and purification for your skin. No parabens, talc, benozphenone, or triethanolamine included.

Rating: 4/5

Day 3

I grab my Tonymoly Pureness 100 Red Ginseng Mask Sheet and apply it on to my face. it smells odd. ano pa bang ineexpect ko? it has red ginseng on it. Before applying the mask ay nagfacial wash muna ako using my favorite foam cleanser and keep the mask on for 20 minutes. It was gentle on the skin kahit medyo malakas ang amoy ng red ginseng and it did leave my face soft and shinny (like yung korean glow) its ideal for all skin type and it didn’t irritates my skin.

Product description : Pureness 100 Red Ginseng Mask Sheet enhances skin radiance by having ginseng as main ingredient.

Rating : 4/5

Day 4

I remember I bought a snail mask sheet last month so I decided to give it a go and test it. I grab my Tonymoly Pureness 100 Snail Mask sheet from my drawer full of mask sheet (LOL). I was hesitant at first because the mask was dripping with snail essence (imagine snail diba?!). it’s slippery and a bit sticky (and arte diba? lol). Surprisingly I like it a lot, it did gave me a relaxing sensation and it definitely moisturizes and leaves my face smooth and soft. I have no negative reaction on this product plus its smells great.

Product description: 100% soft cotton face sheet to provide moisture and nutrition to damaged skin, sooth stressed skin, and give a rich glow to skin.

Rating: 5/5

Day 5

I was so stressed and tired after work because today is Thursday so It means coding ako ngayon and sa sobrang intense ng traffic sa lugar namin ay mahirap nang sumakay ng jeep.

I decided to grab my Tonymoly I’m Real Tomato Mask Sheet pagkauwi ko at nilagay ko muna sa refrigerator for 10-15 minutes while I’m washing my face. I apply it on after kong palamigin sa ref and it smells so fresh. Refreshing din siya sa mukha like I’m having a luxurious spa day!!! I’m definitely pleased with it. My skin feel so hydrated and didn’t have any negative effect on my skin the next day. it relieves my dull tired face though napansin ko lang medyo manipis siya so napunit ko yung sa lower part while applying the mask but nevertheless I’m happy with it.

Product description: Easy-to-use tomato mask revitalizes dull skin and enhances inner glow. Subtle fragrance and thicker cotton mask make for a luxurious experience. Ideal for all skin types.

Rating : 5/5

Day 6

TGIF!!! though I have no plans for this day, I’ll be spending my TGIF alone… wearing my face Mask while watching a sappy romance movie.

so today I’ll be using Tonomoly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet. yup you read it right. Red Wine… to drown my sorrows away (lol) so instead of drinking a bottle of wine why not apply it on my face?! uhuh!

this mask sheet promise to reduce the appearance of my enlarge pores but after using this mask it didn’t minimize my pores at all (maybe i have to use this mask everyday for better result?) but it did leaves my skin flawlessly smooth, moisturizes and a little greasy because the next day I woke up I still have the remaining serum from the mask.

Product description: red wine mask tightens uneven skin texture with enlarged pores

Ratings: 3/5

Day 7

Another long day because I drove all the way to bulacan to attend a birthday party of one my friend from college. from south to north ang peg ko. buong araw akong stress because of traffic and magsusundo pa ako sa airpot ng 11PM.

So to relieves stress I decided to grab my Tonymoly Pureness 100 Pearl Mask Sheet. I washed my face first before applying the mask sheet using my make up remover foam cleanser from nivea to remove yung dirt na naipon buong araw. it’s gentle on my skin and it doesn’t irritates at all. I keep it on for more than 20 minutes so my skin can absorb the serum from the product. super bango ng pearl mask sheet, the mask is thicker since its 100 percent cotton and it didn’t leave any greasy residue.

Product description: Unbleached Sheet made of 100% natural cotton. Concentrated Care by essence with premium ingredient. 5 free formula – Paraben, Talc, Benzophenone, Triethanolamine. Whitening / Massage / Dead skin cell Care.

Rating: 5/5


I had so much fun doing this challenge kahit minsan pagod na ako at muntikan ko na malimutan magapply ng sheet mask. My face is smooth and hydrated the whole week, may mga nakita akong changes sa skin ko from day 1 and it was all positive. Wala naman akong naging break outs and my face feels tighter and moisturized. Mas madali na mag apply ng make up since medyo nalessen ang oiliness and dryness at hindi na rin ako masyado gumagamit ng color correcting concealer since nabawan na ang dullness sa face ko.

this is my favorite beauty regimen and I’ve been using face mask na for months pero ngayon ko lang ginawa yung seven days straight and i think I’ll be doing this often. It unclog pores, it makes my skin glow, it improves overall skin tone lalo na sa face and neck area, and it helps other skin care product to work harmoniously. I would not recommend you to do this everyday kasi medyo pricey yung mask. once or twice a week will do but if you have the budget to splurge a little why not doing it diba? kung para naman sa ikagaganda ng skin.

I hope you had fun reading my another spilled secret

thank you


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